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Did you know that more than 65% of our fellow countrymen do not have their eyes checked regularly? What is more, as many as half of our country’s inhabitants confirm that they have a visual defect. Most people suffer from short-sightedness, a huge number suffer from astigmatism and long-sightedness. Already in the youngest children, double vision appears, and cataracts are very often diagnosed in seniors. Polish society is not aware of the need for eye examinations and treatment, yet the eyes are our “window on the world”.

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Ophthalmologists admit that there is still a huge problem with sight defects. Most patients come to the doctor’s offices when the condition is already at an advanced stage, and then the treatment is long, difficult and does not always have the desired effect. The best option is to react at the very first worrying symptoms, so that correcting the visual dysfunction can not only be fully effective, but also completely safe. Special ayurvedic glasses Clarity Read Pro Care have been developed for people who have recognised a vision problem. This is a real revolution in the ophthalmic market. It is worth finding out more about this method of treating visual impairment with ancient Indian medicine.

Clarity Read Pro Care – a natural technique for combating visual impairment

It is worth pointing out that Ayurvedic methods for the treatment of many diseases originated in ancient times and have been appreciated for their excellent effects ever since. The treatment of various eye problems is thus primarily natural, side-effect-free, completely safe and, last but not least, effective.

The Clarity Read Pro Care eyeglasses were developed in line with the ancient Indian vision technique, which can be used to treat a wide range of visual impairments, including:

  • astigmatism
  • farsightedness
  • nearsightedness
  • cataracts,
  • presbyopia,
  • strabismus,
  • dry eye syndrome,
  • eye strain.

Clarity Read Pro Care glasses can also be used as one element of rehabilitation after ophthalmic surgery.

how we used ayurvedic in Clarity Read Pro Care

It turns out that regular wearing of Clarity Read Pro Care glasses improves eyesight with an effect similar to the invasive treatment carried out in modern ophthalmologists’ surgeries, which use methods of modern medicine as part of the therapy. However, returning to nature and ways that were discovered thousands of years ago can pay off. The Ayurvedic method, which uses lens-free glasses, gives just as good results.

Clarity Read Pro Care – who should wear ayurvedic glasses?

who should use it

Anyone who has noticed a deterioration in their eyesight, of course, but also those who want to take preventive action. Clarity Read Pro Care is especially recommended for people who do office work in front of a computer monitor. Scientific studies have shown that 2-3 hours in front of a screen contribute to eye strain, irritation, redness, burning, general discomfort and, in the long process, of course, to permanent deterioration of vision.

Clarity Read Pro Care can be used by anyone. They are safe regardless of age and lifestyle. They do not need to be worn continuously to improve vision, but are recommended to be on the nose when reading, watching TV or working in front of a computer.

Importantly, Ayurvedic glasses can be worn by both adults and children, regardless of the degree or type of visual impairment.

Clarity Read Pro Care – an ancient method in a modern twist

You are probably curious as to how Clarity Read Pro Care glasses work? Well, they allow the image to enter through small holes, which stimulates the eye to work harder, resulting in a strengthening of the eye muscles.

Clarity Read Pro Care - how it works

The effect of wearing Ayurvedic glasses is noticeable almost immediately, but optimal results and improved vision can be seen after a minimum of 6 weeks of regular wear of Clarity Read Pro Care. In the first stage of the treatment undertaken, it is advisable to wear the glasses for a short period of time and gradually increase the duration of the vision-improving therapy to a maximum of 2-3 hours each day.

Clarity Read Pro Care helps:

  • restore sharp vision,
  • make the eye muscles stronger and more flexible,
  • stimulate the eye to exercise.

Studies that confirm the effects of Clarity Read Pro Care ayurvedic glasses

Over the years, the ancient Ayurvedic method has been and continues to be of great interest to medics and scientists. They have no doubt that it is just as effective as modern ophthalmic techniques when it comes to correcting eye defects. The invention of Clarity Read Pro Care spectacles has been hailed as a true revolution in the market for medical services to combat visual impairment. Not surprisingly, specialists in various corners of the world have begun research and clinical trials to prove the effect of this non-invasive eye treatment.

scientific symposium on visual efficiency

Most noteworthy is the research carried out in Sweden by a team of scientists led by Polish specialist and expert in Ayurvedic medicine, Andrzej Porzecki. Exactly 100 people were invited to the experiment, who suffered from various types of visual impairment. Some suffered from myopia, others had double vision, while others had been diagnosed with cataracts. All subjects were divided into two groups: one wore Clarity Read Pro Care for two hours each day for a period of six weeks, while the other was given a placebo. The results of this study confirm the effectiveness of glasses constructed according to Ayurvedic medicine techniques. We present them below.

Improved visual acuityElimination of nearsightednessElimination of farsightednessReducing cataractsEliminating dry eye syndromeGetting rid of tired eyes
Clarity Read Pro Care97%89%91%87%95%98%

As many as 97% of the respondents confirmed an improvement in visual acuity and 98% got rid of complaints typical of chronically tired eyes, i.e. tearing, burning or redness. It should be noted that the study involved a selection of participants irrespective of gender or age, and the only factor taken into account was the presence of different types of visual impairment.

Opinions of people who have eliminated eye disorders thanks to Clarity Read Pro Care

Although Clarity Read Pro Care glasses are spoken about positively not only by their manufacturer, but also by a wide range of scientists and medics, it is worth knowing the most reliable opinions that come from people who have already undergone supportive vision correction with Ayurvedic glasses. Thousands of people from all corners of the world cannot be wrong. Here are some examples:

Anna from London, aged 34:

reviews about Clarity Read Pro Care“The vision problems started right after pregnancy. I started losing visual acuity gradually. At first I couldn’t see the number of the approaching bus, but it wasn’t long before I had trouble reading my favourite newspaper. The ophthalmologist diagnosed myopia and recommended optical glasses. Unfortunately, the price of getting them made was beyond my budget, so I started looking for an equally effective but cheaper replacement. This is how I found Clarity Read Pro Care, and my decision to order them was made even quicker when I found out that they were made according to the secrets of ancient Indian natural medicine. I was reassured that I could expect only positive results, with no side effects.

I was surprised myself when my eyesight started to improve after just a few days of wearing the glasses. After a week, I was only wearing them for reading. Today marks exactly eight weeks since the end of the treatment. I am free of my nearsightedness, and eye tests have ruled out the need for corrective glasses.”

The subsequent reviews speak for themselves…

Richard from Manchester, aged 58:

“I have been working in front of a computer monitor for many years. It is no wonder that my eyes are tired, I suffer from dry eye syndrome, they feel irritated, my eyelids often burn and are red. Up until a few years ago, I used special shields for my computer screen, but it has long since been proven that this method does not work. I started wearing glasses and indeed my eyesight has improved, but the complaints of eyeball fatigue have remained.

I reached for Clarity Read Pro Care because these glasses were recommended to me by a colleague at work. I initially wore them only to work in front of the computer and after just a few days I got rid of the irritation in my eyeballs and eyelids. Finally, my eyes no longer hurt. It has been a long time since the 6-week treatment ended, but I still use these glasses every day of my work. I think it is thanks to them that I have regained full visual comfort.”

Effects you can count on

What you need to know is that the vast majority of visual impairment is directly related to the loss of the eye’s ability to accommodate, that is, to adapt to the correct refraction of light so that it could focus accurately on the retina. The effect of Clarity Read Pro Care glasses is to naturally stimulate the function of the eye by weakening so-called peripheral vision. As a result, the pupils, which are forced to see only centrally through small apertures, light enters the eye at right angles and is not refracted, and the image that forms on the retina gains in sharpness.
This is exactly how Clarity Read Pro Care glasses work, which support the correction of visual disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts or dry eye syndrome and chronic eye strain.

Briefly about the Ayurvedic philosophy:
The Ayurvedic philosophy is that a balance of body and mind is crucial for health and well-being. Therefore, Clarity Read Pro Care aims to support the natural functions of the eyes and help to relax the vision.

Clarity Read Pro Care – FAQ

What do the Clarity Read Pro Care ayurvedic glasses look like?
Clarity Read Pro Care are black glasses made from safety plastic. In their frame, instead of a standard lens, there is a dark aperture with numerous holes. It is these holes that force the eye to switch off the peripheral vision, making the vision sharper.

I wear optical glasses – can I also wear Clarity Read Pro Care glasses?
Clarity Read Pro Care can be worn interchangeably with traditional optical glasses. They are recommended for reading or working in front of a computer screen.

Should the wearing of Clarity Read Pro Care glasses be consulted with a doctor?
The application of Ayurvedic medicine techniques is completely safe for the entire human body, including the organ of sight. Therefore, the regular wearing of Clarity Read Pro Care does not need to be consulted with an ophthalmologist or optician. It is worth noting that ayurvedic glasses do not cause any side effects or affect concurrent treatment of visual impairment with other techniques.

Are there any contraindications to wearing Clarity Read Pro Care?
There are no contraindications to wearing Clarity Read Pro Care glasses, and this technique for strengthening vision and improving visual perception can also be used by children. Please note that there may be a temporary deterioration of vision after wearing the ayurvedic glasses for a few hours, but this is a temporary effect and completely normal – it is the result of reducing brightness by wearing lens-free frames with only small openings.

Additional information on the latest version of Clarity Read Pro Care collected from 2023

Get rid of migraine pain!

In addition to tired eyes and poor vision, Clarity Read Pro Care can help people suffering from headaches and migraines related to excessive eye muscle tension. The products are designed for overall eye comfort and visual system health, which can also help to reduce the frequency and intensity of tension-related headaches.

Dry eye syndrome? After practising with Clarity Read Pro Care, it’s not a problem!

Clarity Read Pro Care can also be effective in relieving the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. People who suffer from dry, burning, or irritated eyes and also have a problem with eye tears may notice relief after wearing these glasses regularly. The Ayurvedic approach in Clarity Read Pro Care can help maintain the natural moisture of the eyes, improving the comfort and overall wellbeing of those affected by dry eye syndrome.

Clarity Read Pro Care against the competition. Is it worth it?

There are many products on the market that aim to provide relief to our eyes. One such innovative solution is ‘Ayur Multidot Glasses’, among which Clarity Read Pro Care stands out.

Clarity Read Pro Care offers a number of advantages that speak to its effectiveness. Firstly, thanks to its precisely designed holes. It is probably the only product whose each piece has a complete arrangement of holes according to a map laid out by the engineers. And the manufacturing process of the product itself is extremely precise thanks to laser technology.

Users experience improved visual acuity and a reduction in eye fatigue, which is vital in the digital age where we spend most of our time looking at screens. In addition, these glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them ideal even for those wearing corrective glasses.

However, what sets Clarity Read Pro Care apart from the competition is its additional, unique filter technology, which reduces the blue light emitted from electronic device screens by the angles in the holes. Blue light negatively affects sleep quality and overall eye health. With this innovative technology, Clarity Read Pro Care not only provides a valuable workout for your eyes but also additional protection against the harmful effects of blue light.

To better illustrate the advantages of Clarity Read Pro Care over other products on the market, let us provide a comparison table:

FactorClarity Read Pro CareAyur Read ProOculissan
Improving visual acuityYesMediumLow
Reduction of eye fatigueYesYesYes
Blue light filtrationYesNoNo
Comfortable to wearYesNoYes
Compatible with glassesYesNoNo
PriceMediumHighVery high

In summary, Clarity Read Pro Care stands out from the competition thanks to its advanced technology and affordable price for everyone. It is a way to improve the comfort of life that everyone can afford. The people who will benefit most from this product are those who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens and mobile devices, and those who value comfort and eye protection in their daily activities. Clarity Read Pro Care is a solution for everyone and within everyone’s reach.